Golf Nation

Brand Identity @Icon Tech Studio (2022)
Branding, Art Direction, UI

Golf Nation stands as a vibrant platform for the next generation of golf enthusiasts. The logo, inspired by the movement of a golf swing, embodies the dynamic nature of the sport, while the color palette pays homage to the beauty of nature. Our approach speaks directly to the younger generation, offering a calm, friendly, and approachable style that welcomes all to the lively Golf Nation community. My involvement included crafting the brand identity, directing the artistic vision, and designing the user interface to create a cohesive and engaging experience for our audience.


Golf Nation is about community. Building an inclusive welcoming community is our mission. We create places for individuals to feel invited and encouraged to connect with other enthusiasts. The visual speaks to the friendly nature using warm photography that makes you comfortable. 

Kinetic Energy 

The Typography and custom iconography are dynamic and contemporary, capturing the essence of the golf swing’s kinetic energy. We stay contemporary while keeping true to the core idea. It’s all about the balance, 


The visual is approachable friendly and very focused. All these visual gestures were pulled from the golf. It is about making the meaningful part of their golf journey with us with on the platform and IRL. 

Brian Schmitt
(Creative Director)
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